“Connected Living”

Boxgrove Gardens – Linden Home – Guildford

2013 has been a year totally consumed by  my largest public project to date. The Boxgrove Gardens developement by Linden Homes in Guildford Surrey, is a prestigious site with access to the beautiful Merrow Downs behind. With existing landscaped gardens from the converted Country House, and walks traversing through from the main road. Oppotunity to draw the public  visually and mentally through to the landscape beyond. Conceptually, the mirroring in abstract form of the Surrey landscape, and the ideas behind a connected living experience for the residents, maquettes were developed and have been carved full-scale. Only installation remains in the coming weeks.Here are some glimpses of the process and finished carved works. Looking forward very much to revealing them in full soon.

“Vous et!”

Inspired beyond…..
Ridgway Rendezvous excelled… Overwhelmed….Inspired………
A magical manifestation, I will definitely return….
My offering for the Auction…
“Awaken to this Land”
5ft Carred White Pine
Thank you absolutely everyone who saw my vision and helped me get there, mentally physically, and spiritually……
And thank you my new brothers and sisters, the family I did not even know I had….