After Many Hours

After many hours work, the Cromwell II rises again, in “engineering laboratory blue” regalia. An old hot water tank shaped with my first attempt at copper planishing acting as the catchment tray and all rust removed, she looks very smart and just the part. I am proud of my labour of love. Hence I  arrive at my first experiments in Spin Forge forming, here a tube rolled into a closed  form that will be a blank for making a large Burr. Very exciting to draw on my early throwing experience as a potter, but incredibly this time with red hot steel. My mind was awash with possibilities, but I must focus on my current intentions.

On the Road to Development

Cromwell series ll Lathe
Cromwell II Starts to breath again

After many weeks of varying attention, the Cromwell series ll Lathe I bought on Ebay starts to look as it should. A very rare beast, nowhere on the Internet is another example of this 4 X 20 inch tool makers high precision lathe. I want to use it to make a set of custom rotary cutting tools that will project my shaping ability onto a new level. I particularly enjoyed the fact that my always very helpful local paint suppliers took the time to mix a special colour, to give it the engineers laboratory feel. Thank you Trade Paints of Epsom. Still lots to go, motor and gearbox, etc. The variable speed gearbox that came with it is unique in itself, being made by the Germany Sewing machine manufacturer Prymy, it is built to last and the steel reverse cone design gives exceptionally smooth transmition. The Series I lathe when new cost the price of a four bebroom house, I believe Rolls Royce aquired many…. A pedigree of note certainly! Well worth the time and effort of restoration if vibration free tooling solutions are to be mine. Watch this space.