Enduring Respect

A beautiful mature Californian Redwood, planted by the Victorians and now reaching high into the heavens above the Surrey Hills. Unfortunately the tree was endangering the house and with sadness the owners Tony and Lynn commissioned its removal. To express deep respect and to go some way to counter the loss, they decided to commission this piece of abstract sculpture. Together in collaboration with the Artist, Roger Day, a series of evolving ideas delivered a considered and worthy fluid form. Please notice the model, or “Maquette” frequently sitting somewhere in the frame as visual reference. Made from the extremely durable heartwood, the final sculpture aims to mirror the grace and majestic elegance of the original tree.

Lasting Vision

Made some years ago, when even having a YouTube channel seemed exciting and new, my first time-lapse of the process of making the “Ripple Bench” still draws much comment and remains in my eye a landmark, more than anything because through it’s simplicity, the project’s resulting holistic completion does not fade.

“Ripple Bench, English Oak, 3m long, Woodhacth, Surrey

After Many Hours

After many hours work, the Cromwell II rises again, in “engineering laboratory blue” regalia. An old hot water tank shaped with my first attempt at copper planishing acting as the catchment tray and all rust removed, she looks very smart and just the part. I am proud of my labour of love. Hence I  arrive at my first experiments in Spin Forge forming, here a tube rolled into a closed  form that will be a blank for making a large Burr. Very exciting to draw on my early throwing experience as a potter, but incredibly this time with red hot steel. My mind was awash with possibilities, but I must focus on my current intentions.

On the Road to Development

Cromwell series ll Lathe
Cromwell II Starts to breath again

After many weeks of varying attention, the Cromwell series ll Lathe I bought on Ebay starts to look as it should. A very rare beast, nowhere on the Internet is another example of this 4 X 20 inch tool makers high precision lathe. I want to use it to make a set of custom rotary cutting tools that will project my shaping ability onto a new level. I particularly enjoyed the fact that my always very helpful local paint suppliers took the time to mix a special colour, to give it the engineers laboratory feel. Thank you Trade Paints of Epsom. Still lots to go, motor and gearbox, etc. The variable speed gearbox that came with it is unique in itself, being made by the Germany Sewing machine manufacturer Prymy, it is built to last and the steel reverse cone design gives exceptionally smooth transmition. The Series I lathe when new cost the price of a four bebroom house, I believe Rolls Royce aquired many…. A pedigree of note certainly! Well worth the time and effort of restoration if vibration free tooling solutions are to be mine. Watch this space.

“Connected Living”

Boxgrove Gardens – Linden Home – Guildford

2013 has been a year totally consumed by  my largest public project to date. The Boxgrove Gardens developement by Linden Homes in Guildford Surrey, is a prestigious site with access to the beautiful Merrow Downs behind. With existing landscaped gardens from the converted Country House, and walks traversing through from the main road. Oppotunity to draw the public  visually and mentally through to the landscape beyond. Conceptually, the mirroring in abstract form of the Surrey landscape, and the ideas behind a connected living experience for the residents, maquettes were developed and have been carved full-scale. Only installation remains in the coming weeks.Here are some glimpses of the process and finished carved works. Looking forward very much to revealing them in full soon.

“Love for Life”

Manor House School, Bookham, Surrey
This 500 year old beech tree, sadly felled through disease, was my biggest challenge of 2012. To imortalise the inherent forms, in abstract metaphors of the place, a mirror to the moto of the school… “To Love is to Live”…..

The Spell of Natures Love……


Presented to Their Royal Highnesses
The Earl and Countess of Wessex,
By Roger Day Wood Sculptor
of The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group
at the Surrey County Show
Diamond Jubilee weekend, 4th June 2012

The Chalices of Ashen Magic
and The Magic Goblet Machine.

These Goblets Are Part Of A Project
To Develop New Hand Crafted Greenwood Products
Of Highly Contemporary Design
At Economically Viable Speeds
This Helps To Support The Vital Continuance
Of Traditional Coppice Woodland Management
That Creates Our Uniquely Diverse And Fantastically
Beautiful English Woodland Countryside
And To Produce Objects
That Live In The Hearts Of Their Owners
As An Everyday Connection
With The Natural World We All Love


“Vous et!”

Inspired beyond…..
Ridgway Rendezvous excelled… Overwhelmed….Inspired………
A magical manifestation, I will definitely return….
My offering for the Auction…
“Awaken to this Land”
5ft Carred White Pine
Thank you absolutely everyone who saw my vision and helped me get there, mentally physically, and spiritually……
And thank you my new brothers and sisters, the family I did not even know I had….